Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to recieve an item?

It takes up to 15-20 working days for the item to be ready, our working days are from Mondays to Thursdays, which means Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are off! (There will be no working on your item(s) but we can place your order(s)). Then, the courier company picks it up then delivers it to you within 24 hrs. Delivery charge is 40 L.E. There are exceptions sometimes for special fast delivery, if you’d like more information please let us know, at info@selissas.com!

Can I refund my order if I don’t like it?

Once an order has been placed and started it cannot be refunded or cancelled, as each order is made specially handmade for each costumer. However, you can only cancel your order(s) only within 24hrs of placing it, or exchange it with another available item.

Does sterling silver tarnish?

Silver tarnish is inevitable, and will eventually happen over few or many years - depending on various factors.
At Selissa we solely work with and offer 925 sterling silver and 18k Gold Plated.
Tarnish causes: 1. High humidity
2. Air Pollution
3. Silver pieces having constant exposure to air without being worn; silver reacts to the sulfur in the air. This occurs slowly, and is more prone to happening if the silver piece is not worn regularly.
4. Chemicals found in products such as hairspray, perfumes, deodorant, bleach. Tarnish here develops as a chemical reaction.

How can I take care of my product?

Tarnish preventions: 1. Constantly wear the silver piece. Creating constant direct contact with the skin leaves little room for the development of tarnish. This constitutes to whether your silver piece last 2 years or 20 years before tarnishing. Frequently handling it, significantly lessens from tarnish development.
2. When not worn, store the silver piece in an airtight space.
3. Avoid exposing your silver pieces to liquids composed of chemicals, such as the ones mentioned above under the "Tarnish causes" section. 4. Apply scents and lotions and let them dry before wearing your jewelry. 5. Avoid wearing the jewelry while swimming, doing sports, or washing up. Solutions: If the prevention measures mentioned above are taken, the silver piece(s) will last years without getting tarnished. If for any reason the silver product gets tarnished, local customers may contact us to arrange getting the product re-polished. For international customers, the product may be taken to any silversmith/silver dealer and cleaned/re-polished there!